Dealer CRM System

Leveraging Your Relationships Made Easy

Leveraging relationships is the lifeblood of your commercial trucking, trailer, or heavy equipment dealership. This leverage is weakened by scattered information and obsolete systems. For this reason, Dealership Drive has developed a suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to centralize and streamline your team's contact management. This is not your overly complex software that will never be adopted or utilized, just simple, intelligent CRM software built to auto-integrate your inventory, contacts, leads, and sales.

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Customer Relationship Management System

CRM Key Features

What's Inside

Each of Dealership Drive's CRM tools are designed to make it easy to record and edit crucial details about your contacts for future use—all from one place. Whether updating existing details, retrieving important information, or quickly creating lists of similar contacts, contact management for dealers in the heavy equipment, commercial truck, or trailer sales industries has never been this simple.

Unlimited Contact & Company Records

The sky's the limit on your number of contact and company records. Import and maintain even the largest contact databases in no time.

Tagging Your Way

Use custom tagging for easy contact segmentation and list-building for use in campaigns, assigning tasks, and more.

Contact-Inventory Pairing

Connect certain contacts with your inventory listings to track interest, previous ownership, and the like.

Email & Phone System Integration

Secure phone and email system integration with your CRM keeps all contact correspondence at your fingertips.

No App Necessary

The secure browser-based platform means that your team can easily access their full CRM from any device.

Tasks and Reminders

Set up call-back reminders or task assignments across your company to maximize potential sales opportunities.


Using custom tags, quickly create contact list segmentation for remarketing campaigns based on customer interest.

Export Any API

Your data belongs to you. Freely export any contact data from your CRM for use on other platforms.

Team Notes

Enjoy a central note log for your team to manage contact preferences, correspondence, internal notes, and more.

Aggregate Account Views

Utilize aggregated account views to view task listings, team notes, and sales across company contact records.

System-Wide Search

Quickly find any contact by name, email address, phone number, tags, location, and more using powerful search capabilities.

Quick Sales Tracking

Easily connect contacts with inventory items for sales record tracking made simple. See the full story of every sale.

Multiplatform CRM System

Many Devices. One Dashboard.

Whether you're using your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to work in your commercial and heavy equipment CRM system, the same dashboard works across devices—keeping your contacts accessible and tidy.

Enable automated tagging based on contact behaviors and interests

Customize list segmentation and tagging

Find any contact in seconds with robust search capabilities

Create segmented contact lists on the fly with advanced filtering

Call, email, or even text message contacts from within the system

See the full story of any contact at a glance thanks to system automation

Interests Tagging

Interests Tagging

Custom Segmentation

Custom Segmentation

Robust Search

Robust Search

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering

Click to Contact

Click to Contact

 System Automation

System Automation

Mailchimp Email Marketing Integration

Mailchimp Integration

Email Marketing Simplified with Mailchimp Integration

No more manually exporting and importing contacts and engagement records thanks to Mailchimp integration with your Dealership Drive CRM system.

See contact detail updates in real-time between your CRM and Mailchimp

Utilize CRM tags to create segmented lists for Mailchimp campaigns

Enjoy automated contact subscription status updates between Mailchimp and your CRM

Pull-in or push out contacts between Mailchimp and your CRM in seconds

Advanced CRM Features

Lead Management for Dealers, By Dealers

As a company that has worked alongside heavy equipment and commercial truck dealers since 1958, one of our secrets to success has been our ability to listen and respond to our customer's needs. The following advanced features of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system are a few examples of such responses.

Exhaustive Contact Fields

Exhaustive Contact Fields

See the full story of any customer or vendor with detailed contact fields, leaving no detail unaccounted for.

Rapid Contact Search

Rapid Contact Search

Find any contact in seconds by searching by name, company, phone number, custom tags, location, and more.

Robust Filtering Capabilities

Robust Filtering Capabilities

Filter and segment contacts using any range of similar details—from location to search behaviors, and beyond.

Customize Tags

Customized Tags

Create custom tags for precise grouping segmentation for task assignments, email marketing, and more.

Contact + Inventory = Sales Linking

Contact + Inventory = Sales Linking

Link items in your heavy equipment, truck, trailer, or parts inventory to any contact to document the full story of any transaction.

Correspondence-to-Contact Associations

Correspondence-to-Contact Associations

Auto-association with incoming calls or emails makes it easy to keep a single contact's correspondence in one place.