Inventory Management System

Your Inventory, Your Device

Control every facet of your heavy equipment, commercial truck, or trailer inventory from any device. Edit details, upload images or connect items with deals in real-time on the fly from anywhere.

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Inventory Management System

Inventory Management Key Features

What's Inside

It's time to give your dealership's inventory management an upgrade! Fortunately, our cloud-based inventory management system was designed to be easy to use—specifically for the heavy equipment, commercial truck, and trailer sales industries.

By Dealers, For Dealers

Because our inventory management system was designed by dealers for dealers, managing your inventory couldn't be easier.

Simplified Sales History

Connect inventory items to contacts in just a few clicks or taps for streamlined sales history tracking.

Quick Reports

See what items in your inventory are selling best, which are aging on the lot, and your average time to sale— all at a glance.

Team Note Sharing

Central team notes make it a breeze to keep your team on the same page about inquiries, repairs, actions, and more.

No App Necessary

Because your inventory management system is browser-based, this means it's accessible from any device—no apps required.

Unlimited Images & Videos

Document every item to your heart's content with unlimited high-quality, quick-loading photos or videos for any listing.

Time-Saving Autofill Capabilities

Add and select item details to your inventory in a flash with included auto-complete functionality.

System-Wide Inventory Syncing

No more redundant data entry. Enter inventory specifications in one place to update details across the platform.

Comprehensive Details

Utilize hundreds of detail fields to organize all item specifications and other information in one place.

Custom Field Creation

Create custom fields in your system to tailor your dealership's inventory management experience.

Speedy Search

Find the item or detail you need in seconds with help from our system's powerful search functionality.

Lot Locator

It's in stock, but where?! Find any item in your inventory faster with an intuitive lot location tracking system.

Dealer Tailored Tools

Inventory Management Tailored to Your Needs

Experience the ability to manage your inventory as well as construct deal frameworks, all from the same dashboard.

Field customization allows you to create the fields you need

Easily track performance metrics and review detailed analytics

Locate any item in your inventory in seconds

Manage the inventory across multiple locations from one platform

Field Customization

Field Customization

Inventory Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

Fast Inventory Search

Lightning Fast Search

Multi-Platform Inventory Sync

Multi-Platform Sync

Cross-Platform Inventory Sync

Cross-Platform Sync

Sync Inventory Details Across Your Systems

Say farewell to manual inventory management across your dealership and the dreaded "double entry." Say hello to "one and done" detail entry for inventory details usable across your entire system—from sales to maintenance and beyond.

Pull item details in just a few clicks for listings or paperwork thanks to automatic inventory synchronization

Easily create an incredibly detailed listing for marketplace syndication from existing inventory details

Get more eyeballs on your inventory-generated item listings thanks to our high-traffic marketplace

See item listing details updated in real-time on your custom dealership website

Advanced Features

Advanced Features of Your
Inventory Management System

Since 1958, My Little Salesman has listened intently to the needs of commercial truck and heavy equipment dealerships just like you. This unique relationship gives us an unmatched perspective to develop industry-changing inventory management technologies.

One-Stop Contact Records

One-Stop Contact Records

See all information, notes, sales correspondence, and even listing interests in one central location.

Quick Contact Search

Quick Contact Search

Find contacts in seconds using name, company, location, tags, and many other details.

Unique Inventory ID Numbers

Unique ID Numbers

Utilize our unique ID number tracking system allowing quick referencing for inventory management.

Robust Analytics

Robust Analytics

See your inventory and listing analytics with graphic visualizations—allowing you to make highly informed decisions.