Deal Management

Consolidate all your deals, contracts, quotes and invoices within a single, user-friendly dashboard, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your costs, revenue, and profits.

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Deal Management System

Deal Management Key Features

Easily structure deals with a few simple clicks. Automatically generate populated deal forms and documents, create quotes, generate invoices, and monitor the progress of each deal.

Step-by-step guidance

Quickly generate personalized deals, quotes, and invoices by following step-by-step guidance provided within our Deal Management System.

Inventory-to-CRM Linking

Quickly and easily connect any contact with any items in your inventory within your Deals framework.

Auto-populated Forms & Documents

Generate custom, pre-filled forms such as purchase agreements, contracts, state forms, warranty disclaimers, buyers guides, and others.

Secure Document Storage

Securely store and back up documents or files that pertain to this deal, such as signed agreements, warranties, inspection reports, receipts, etc. in the cloud.

Detailed Sales & Profit Reports

See complete breakdowns of every deal including revenue, total cost, gross profit, commissions, and more.

Marketing & Sales Analytics

Apply various filters to create finely-tailored, in-depth reports for assessing the effectiveness of marketing efforts and sales initiatives.

Deal Notes

Easily capture and store transaction-related notes, linking them with the corresponding deal to maintain context and preventing the oversight of crucial details.

Deal Jacket Checklists

Generate, customize, and manage checklists for deal jackets, outlining specific tasks to be completed for each deal, such as 'Obtaining State Tax Exemption Certificate,' 'Securing Power of Attorney,' 'Coordinating Shipping,' 'Uploading Final Documents,' and others.

Deal Management Tools

Deal Management, Simplified

Stay on top of all aspects of your deals from one intuitive system dashboard.

Structure deals by connecting contacts with inventory

Easily account for any complex details

Automate document completion with existing data

Store all documentation in one secure location

Pull up any detail from a past deal in seconds

CRM & Inventory Management Integration

CRM & Inventory Management Integration

Detailed Fields

Detailed Fields

Autopopulating Forms

Autopopulating Forms

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

Docusign Integration

Docusign Integration

Easily Acquire Completed and Signed Forms with DocuSign Integration

The only thing worse than manually filling out paperwork is acquiring binding signatures for said documents. Now you can simplify both processes in Deals using Forms and Electronic Signatures functionality.

Automate form completion by importing existing data from your Dealership Drive system

Email any paperwork–completed or otherwise–to any contact within your Dealership Drive system

Integrate your DocuSign account with your Deals system to request binding electronic signatures on any paperwork

Track the status of any electronic signature requests in real-time within your Deals system

Manage all deal-related paperwork and required signatures from one dashboard system.

Advanced Deal Management Features

To truly create a system that is "for dealers, by dealers," input from dealerships just like you is our secret to creating intuitive and robust dealer management solutions specifically for the heavy equipment, commercial truck, and trailer industries.

Inventory & Contacts Integration

Connect Inventory with Contacts

Start structuring a new deal in seconds by easily merging contact records with specific items in your inventory.

Detailed Sales & Profit Reports

Detailed Sales & Profit Reports

Leave the number crunching to our system–easily access comprehensive sales and profit analysis using existing data.

Easily Track Payments

Easily Track Payments

Accounting for down payments, deposits, and managing various payments is easy to implement in your Payments section.